Who are BraceTech?

Who are bracetech professional IT computing solutions

Who are we?

We, that is to say BraceTech is a Mancunian professional service provider. We have been an established company since 2012 but our team has had decades of industry experience. For the past few years BraceTech has been working out of The Sharp Project, a creative space for digital entrepreneurs. Being surrounded by an amazing community of creative and professional brands has only sought to increase the quality of our work. The Sharp Project is the perfect eco-system to grow, collaborate and develop alongside other companies.

Talking about our team in such a short article would not do them justice, so we will be dedicating an article to each of the BraceTech family. Before you meet the team, let us first tell you what we do and what our mission is.

Mancunian professional service provider with decades worth of experience

What we do?

BraceTech is exceedingly proficient at software and mobile development. We provide excellent IT advice, and our remote teams can complement any business or project. We are experts in an enormous range of cutting-edge technologies and modern software, allowing us to tackle the challenges of working in the digital space.

Its always hard to decide what our #1 mission is, so we have picked 3.
1) We will strive to provide the best quality of service to your business for the best possible price.
1) We will ensure that your security and privacy needs are consistently met.
1) We will always put people first. The code is only there to support you and your business, so we will tailor the code to fit your business.

Our Mission

Whilst we constantly strive to be at the forefront of modern industry, we make sure that we never forget our roots. We engage with partnership schemes to promote young people in their careers, and we work alongside charities to make our community a better place.

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